Our Mission

This website is part of an ongoing effort of The Missouri Bar to encourage, and make it easier for, Missouri attorneys to find opportunities and access resources to provide pro bono service to needy persons and groups, particularly those whose incomes do not allow them to obtain necessary representation through other means.

Highlighted Pro Bono Opportunities For Lawyers
Gain Limited Scope Representation Experience Helping Pro Se Clients at the Samaritan Center in Jefferson City.(Search by Legal Service Agency for Samaritan Center)
Help seniors and low-income citizens understand their rights and responsibilities when it comes to debt collection, specifically their rights, legal obligations, and potential pitfalls related to disputes involving old, expired debts. (Search by Legal Services Agency Under Any of the Four Legal Services Offices)
Help the Missouri Public Defenders System fulfill the state’s constitutional obligation to provide legal counsel for criminal defendants who are unable to pay for counsel (Search by Missouri State Public Defender System)

Pro Bono News in Missouri and Around the Nation

2015 Pro Bono Wall of Fame    
It is The Missouri Bar's honor to recognize attorneys on the 2016 Pro Bono Wall of Fame. (View 2016 Wall of Fame Honorees)


Pamphlet Designed to Take Some of the Mystery Out of Limited Scope Representation (LSR), Expand Access to Justice
Can LSR make legal representation more accessible to lower and moderate income citizens and have a positive impact on your law practice? The Supreme Court of Missouri Committee on Access to Justice produced a pamphlet to help you decide.  (Read LSR Pamphlet)

More News

Real "Life Changing" Work for Lawyers

Legal Aid and Polsinelli Shughart PC Turn Blighted Apartment Complex into Special Needs Housing

After an out-of-state investment group failed to rehab an apartment complex on the east side of Kansas City, LAWMO and Polsinelli Shughart PC worked together to step in and helped turn a dilapidated complex into housing for individuals with special needs. (Read More)

More Real "Life Changing" Work for Lawyers

How to Use This Site -- Quick Tips for Lawyers

Step 1
Click on the “For Volunteer Attorneys” link at the top of the page to search for pro bono opportunities by:

  1. Specific affiliate organization/agencies registered with the site.
  2. Area of practice.
  3. A particular geographic area within the state.

Step 2
Use the contact information included with each pro bono opportunity to communicate directly with the “affiliate” to see if the opportunity and affiliate is right for you.

Step 3
Join the thousands of lawyers who offer their legal knowledge and skill to fulfill the professional obligation of ensuring that access to justice is available to everyone.

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